USCIS Acceptance

Understanding the guidelines made by the USCIS can be complicated. We are here to help.  Make sure to follow our suggestions below so your immigration process goes smoothly.

Alphabets in different languages can have multiple spellings for the same name

Towns, villages and cities may have different possible spellings

Incorrect dates on the translation can cause your application to be denied

When dealing with many documents--perhaps for your entire family--it's easy to get confused between documents

    All of Idiomatic's translations come with a Letter of Certification

What can I do if there is an issue with my translation?

If you have done a translation with Idiomatic, revisions and corrections are free of charge. Get in touch and we'll happily help.

If you used another translation company, you may have to request a new translation. Some companies do not offer any guarantee or are even familiar with the USCIS Translation Approval Procedures.

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