Foreign Degree Translation & Evaluation: 

Streamline Your International Journey

As more individuals venture abroad for work, education, and leisure, it becomes crucial to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to succeed in their chosen fields. This is where foreign credential  translation and evaluation plays a pivotal role.

Foreign Degree Translation vs. Foreign Degree Evaluation

When dealing with foreign credentials, both evaluation and translation may be required. However, evaluation is a more complex process that involves more than just translation. 

Sometimes, it is preferred to translate the degrees first, as it makes it easier for the evaluation expert to understand the documents and determine their equivalence in the foreign country. In some cases, a translation of the degrees may be required without evaluation, such as when two countries' degrees are of equal status or when studying from an internationally recognized institute. 

It is important to note that credential evaluation services generally require English translations of any non-English documents, and foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved organization to be accepted1][2][3][5].

A Global Perspective for Local Assessments

Foreign academic credential evaluation facilitates a direct comparison between grades obtained from two different education systems. Expert panels evaluate foreign degrees and transcripts, assigning corresponding grades based on the standards of the target education system.

Exciting Partnership Announcement: Idiomatic and Scholaro

Idiomatic is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Scholaro, a fully accredited foreign degree evaluation company. This collaboration creates a convenient "one-stop shop" for our current and future clients. As a member of the AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.), Scholaro ensures high-quality evaluations. Now, clients can request certified translations for US government use and evaluation of their foreign credentials all in one place.

Foreign Degree Translation services Foreign Diploma Translation
Foreign Degree Translation services Foreign Diploma Translation
Foreign Degree Translation services Foreign Diploma Translation

How to Get Your Foreign Degree Translated and Evaluated

The process is straightforward and consists of two parts: translation of your foreign credentials and subsequent evaluation.                            Here's a breakdown of the process:

Types of Foreign Degrees We Evaluate

We assist individuals, companies, and institutions in obtaining accurate and timely evaluations of foreign credentials. Our services cover diplomas and academic transcripts from any country, preparing General and Course-by-Course evaluations for employment, immigration, college admission, and licensing. Here are a few examples of individuals who commonly request our services:

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Furthermore, we offer Remote Online Notarization and Apostille services for US documents used abroad. Read more about these services on our website.

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If you are looking for a reliable agency that can handle foreign credential translation and evaluation services for you then you've come to the right place.  Idiomatic Southeast can help you, so you can succeed in your field.